About Charlie Pete

I never looked like any of my friends. Growing up in West Michigan nearly everyone had blonde hair and blue eyes. After moving to Seattle in 2011, I became oh-so-homesick and gained 50 pounds. (Did I actually just admit that?!) Fashion helped disguise my expanding waistline. As I combined my style and passion for finding deals, people started to notice. With an unexpected amount of free time in 2017, Charlie Pete was launched.

Where'd the name come from? Charlie is my dog. Pete is my dad. The two most important men in my life. (Only kind of kidding.) My dad's handwriting is even incorporated in the logo. Charlie's would have been but, you know, he's a dog and can't write.

Jokes aside, thank you for spending your time at Charlie Pete. I've put aside my fear of imperfection and promise to give you the best quality and customer service possible. I'm doing this solo and can't promise I won't make mistakes. Thank you for supporting this journey and know how appreciated you are!

Thank you...seriously,
Ellen Tailor

Charlie Pete Founder & CEO Ellen Tailor